Checked Blazer: True or False Tuesday

Older women wear styles that were popular 20 years ago. True or False


Big shoulder pads and boxy men’s jackets were popular in the eighties, and voila! I found this checked blazer at a local thrift shop. It’s Talbot’s made in Italy and 100% wool. This jacket will last another 30 years. The skinny jeans  (apparently a sin for older women) keep the oversize jacket in proportion and creates a taper to the ankle. The fabulously oversized shoulder pads are just an on-trend bonus.

Thrift store option for boxy checked jacket

Love, love, love Isabel Marant! Pair your jacket with a graphic tee and colored jeans for an on trend look.

Isabel Marant Ice Masculine style houndstooth wool jacket

Love the jacket paired with a white tee and statement earrings!

Checked Jacket with white tee and statement earrings via Mango

My favorite statement earrings:

BadAss Statement Earrings Handmade

And finally, if you promise to wear this jacket for years…

Zara Check Blazer

The Very Pink Coat

I am 50+ years old, but I bought this coat because my mother liked it. Her taste run a bit more feminine than mine. I’m sure I’ve bought things for her  that were not her style, but she still oohed and ahhed over them and wore them dutifully. I bought the coat and made it my own. I actually like it now.

pink coat

I paired the coat with a very bright summer print dress. The idea was to match the vibrancy of the coat, because nothing is going to make it less pink. The tights were a stretch. Ha! I had them leftover from a Halloween costume, but I’m always cold, so they serve a practical purpose. I threw in my favorite Chanel bag to class it up. What do you think?

Pink coat, Summer print dress, Chanel bag


And so it begins

Have you ever put together a perfectly lovely outfit, but just felt an odd nagging sensation? A couple of years ago I had a blue cocktail dress picked out for a red-carpet event. It was flattering, sexy, and appropriate, but it felt so boring and predictable. I chucked the dress, hiked a floor length grey, satin skirt up to my armpits, threw a scarf around my waist and a pink stole across my shoulders and blissfully twirled through the evening.

I like an inside joke, something playful and fun, a bit of a wink when it comes to style.

We have a gala on Thursday requesting cocktail festive attire. I feel challenged.